Customer Support


What’s available on Lasoo?
Can I shop off a catalogue on Lasoo or is it view only?
How can I ensure that I only see specials and promotions available in my location?
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Can I purchase specials on Lasoo without leaving the platform?
Are specials on Lasoo cheaper or more expensive than buying direct or elsewhere?
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How can I track my delivery?
What if I have not received my order or I received only a part of the whole order?
Is free delivery available on Lasoo?
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I would like to request a return, who do I contact?
I have an issue with the received order or I want to request a refund?
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My Account

How do I set my preferences for a more personalised experience?
Where can I access or manage my wishlist?
How do I manage notifications?
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How can I protect myself from scammers posing as Lasoo?
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