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Fido's Flea Shampoo 500ml

Overview Fidos Flea Shampoo A mild formulation which will not irritate even the most sensitive skins. It has been especially prepared to clean, kill fleas, and produce a soft lustrous coat, and to reduce animal odours. The natural pyrethrins, which have no anti-cholinesterase activity, act in insects by slowly closing the sodium channel activation gate causing hyperexcitation followed by convulsion and death. They are synergised by piperonyl butoxide, which has a minor repellant action in its own right. INDICATIONS Fleas and lice on cats and dogs. CONTRAINDICATIONS Use in sick or convalescing animals. Directions Wet the coat thoroughly with warm water and apply FIDOS FLEA SHAMPOO at several places. Work into a good lather and massage well into the coat. Leave for 5 minutes, them rinse with clean warm water and dry thoroughly. Ingredients Pyrethrins 1g/L, Piperonyl butoxide 10g/L. Warnings Use with caution on puppies and kittens.
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