LifeSmart Dual Function Infrared Thermometer (Forehead & Ear)

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Overview This dual-mode infrared thermometer can scan either forehead or ear within one second. Non-contact Infrared readingsQuick - 1 sec measurement timeFever Warning Alarm with indicator backlightEasy to use special ergonomic designAutomatic power-off Dual Function (Forehead & Ear) The dual-mode infrared thermometer can scan either forehead or ear within one second. Its special ergonomic design facilitates easy operation. Track the temperature variations with 20 readings in memory. This device is safe to use (without mercury) and equipped with a large LCD display with fever indicator back-light and alarm. Non-contact Infrared readings Dual Mode Reading - Forehead and eardrum detection Quick - 1 sec measurement time Fever Warning Alarm with indicator backlight Easy to use special ergonomic design Automatic power off 20 readings memory Does not contain mercury Specifications Device: Dual-mode Infrared Thermometer Forehead and ear LS-320PPower Supply Mode: Internal power supplyOperating Voltage: DC 3VBattery Model: AAA x 2Operating Mode: Continuous operatingDisplay: Segment LCDMeasure Time: About 1 secondLatency Time: About 3 secondsTemperature Modes: Centigrade (oC) and Fahrenheit (oF) Measurement range:Forehead mode: 35.0oC-42.2oC (95.0oF-108.0oF)Ear mode: 35.0oC-42.0oC (95.0oF-107.6oF)Accuracy (Laboratory):Forehead mode: 0.2oC (0.4oF)Ear mode: 0.2oC (0.4oF)Resolution: 0.1oC (0.1oF) Memory: 20 temperature readingsLow-battery Alert: The low-battery symbol is displayed if the power voltage is lower than 2.4 V0.1VAutomatic Power-off: The thermometer automatically powers off if it is not used within 101 seconds.
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