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  9. SOLOSITE Wound Gel 50g
SOLOSITE Wound Gel 50g
SOLOSITE Wound Gel 50g
SOLOSITE Wound Gel 50g
SOLOSITE Wound Gel 50g
SOLOSITE Wound Gel 50g
SOLOSITE Wound Gel 50g
SOLOSITE Wound Gel 50g
SOLOSITE Wound Gel 50g

SOLOSITE Wound Gel 50g

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Description and specs


SOLOSITE Gel is used for the treatment of minor conditions such as minor burns, including sunburn, superficial cuts and lacerations, skin tears and abrasions.

SOLOSITE Gel is cooling, soothing, and hydrating1,5. SOLOSITE Gel provides a moist environment at the wound surface, which promotes fast wound healing1-3.





Step 1: Cleanse the wound with saline or suitable cleansing solution.
Step 2: Cover the affected area with SOLOSITE Gel (approximately 5mm thick), keeping the tube opening clear from the wound.
Step 3: Where practical, cover the wound with a suitably sized film or secured dressing.
Step 4: Replace/close the lid and store in a dry place (<25 C).
Step 5: In order to prevent the wound drying out SOLOSITE Gel should be re-applied regularly for minor burns, including sunburn, and daily for other minor wounds.
Step 6: SOLOSITE Gel can be removed by rinsing with clean drinkable water or saline solution.





Do not use if there is known sensitivity to SOLOSITE Gel or any of its ingredients.

SOLOSITE Gel should be used with care in the vicinity of the eyes. If contact occurs rinse thoroughly with clean water. SOLOSITE Gel is for external use only and should not be taken internally. SOLOSITE Gel is for single patient use only. If in doubt, seek medical advice regarding severity of the wound. Should signs of sensitivity or irritation occur, discontinue use and seek medical advice. If condition worsens or does not improve within 7 days, seek medical advice. Do not use if tube is received open or damaged or if tamper evident seal is broken. Use within 3 months of opening and before the expiry date.

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