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Elastoplast Sport Elastowrap 5cm x 10m

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Overview Elastoplast Pre-Taping Underwrap 50mm x 10m protects skin, minimises pain on tape removal & provides maximum comfort. Provides protection and comfort to skin, with breathable, gentle fabric and skin-friendly adhesive. Hypoallergenic, skin-friendly adhesive. Durable fabric. Latex free. Our Elastoplast products are developed in collaboration with a panel of specialised physicians & medical therapists. Instructions DIRECTIONS: For skin protection, stability and maximum compression, we recommend using the UTB method: Underwrap: Use Elastoplast Pre -Taping Underwrap to protect skin Tape: Use Elastoplast Rigid Strapping Tape for stability to prevent and treat injury Bandage: Overwrap Elastic Adhesive Bandage for strong compression and extra supportUSAGE ADVICE: Hand-tearable for faster and easier application, no scissors required. Storage Store in a dry place below 30oC.STORAGE TEMPERATURE: Below 30oC. Country of Origin Made in Spain
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