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PIGEON Softouch Peristaltic Plus Teat SS 1 Pack

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Overview PIGEON Peristaltic PLUS Nipple was designed based on advanced nursing research and study to provide the best for mothers and babies that took into consideration not only the Peristaltic Movement but also the Attachment and Swallowing aspect. These three mechanisms work together to enable your baby to feed efficiently. Attachment Breastfeeding and bottle feeding are not the same as simply drinking from a straw. Effective latch on starts when a baby opens his mouth, extending lips outward around the nipple to form a tight suction cup-like seal on the aerola. If the formation of seal on the aerola is unsuccessful, milk will leak from the sides of babys mouth Peristaltic Movement When attachment to the nipple is secured, the babys mouth and tongue begin an instinctive wave-like motion called peristaltic movement; an action that extracts milk from the nipple. Peristaltic movement occurs at approximately 0.8 seconds intervals and by using ultrasound, our researchers have verified that the process is repeated from 800 to 1,000 times in just one nursing session. Swallowing The process of swallowing in baby is completely different from an adult. An adult swallows by closing the mouth, holding his breath and drawing food and liquid down into the esophagus. A babys larynx is located much higher in the throat so that the baby can actually swallow with the mouth open, compressing the air passage with a controlled breathing mechanism. This process is the main reason why newborns should never drink too much milk at once; there is possibility that the milk will enter the air passage causing the baby to choke. Features Peristaltic PLUS Nipple 1. A Textured Surface for a More Effective Attachment A fine layer of bumps, known as texturing, is applied to the silicone surface to make it easier for your baby to latch onto and release the nipple. 2. A Wider Nipple Based for Improved Suction The nipple base has been widened to prevent babys lips from reaching the cap during attachment. Baby will then able to form a solid seal on the silicone for more effective sucking. 3 A Fossa-fitting Nipple Radius The contour and radius of Peristaltic PLUS nipple - 12mm for SS size, 13mm for S, M & L sizes are expertly crafted to fit the cavity at the top of babys mouth, known as a sucking fossa. This precise fit enables a better attachment to the nipple when sucking. 4 Thick but Soft Silicone The precisely crafted silicone used in the Peristaltic PLUS is designed to prevent any interference with peristaltic movement when a baby is sucking. There are the three varieties of silicone firmness available to match the age of baby, each of which will conform to the movement of babys tongue. 5 Nipple Sizes to Match Babys Development To prevent newborns from swallowing too much milk, the SS size nipple has been introduced as our smallest nipple hole. Our M and L nipples use cross cuts instead of round holes to make it harder for large amount of liquid to pass through the nipple tip at once. Nipple Size It is always recommended that mothers select proper hole sizes that enable baby to have the ideal feeding time of 10 to 15 minutes during each feed. SS size nipple is very soft and has a round hole. It is recommended for newborns onwards as babies will tend to drink slowly and take frequent breaks.
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