Willow & Silk Nested Latticed Side Table

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Shine your room decor with a set of net-designed distressed gold side nested tables/stools. They seem identical but different in size and the unique quality is the hollow space in the bigger stool to nest the smaller one. Thus making it ideal for small apartments or rooms. If you need single only, then use it as one and let another one remain nested inside it to save floor space, else take out another also to use both.   Features: ● Display Vases & Flowers ● Attractive colour combination ● Durable high-quality material ● Adorn your artwork on it ● Enhances the overall ambience of your living space ● Ideal for rooms, hallways & other undercover areas ● Material: ● Colour: Distressed gold/Natural ● Size: 40x70/30x60cm
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