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Furtastic Wooden Chicken Coop & Rabbit Hutch With Ramp Nesting Boxes

Give your feathered and furry friends the haven they deserve with this chicken coop and rabbit hutch by Furtastic! Crafted from high-quality fir wood, this enclosure provides superior durability and reliability, ensuring a long-lasting home for your beloved pets. The sturdiness of the quality fir wood frame is complemented by the weather-resistant asphalt roof, providing top-notch protection against rain and sun. Your pets can now enjoy a cosy and secure space, no matter the weather. This chicken coop and rabbit hutch features not one but two nesting boxes on either side of the construction. Your hens will be delighted by the privacy and comfort of these designated areas, providing the perfect spots for them to lay their eggs with ease. The zinc tray allows for hassle-free maintenance, making you spend less time on tedious cleaning tasks. With the best of features and expert craftsmanship, our chicken coop/rabbit hutch is the ideal choice to provide your pets a safe and comfortable home they truly deserve! CONTENTS: * 1 x Chicken Coop/Rabbit Hutch w/ Two Egg House Sections
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