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Mona Bedding Queen Memory Foam Mattress Topper Cool Gel Bed w/Bamboo Cover Underlay 5CM Flat Q Size

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Cool Gel Memory Foam Features 100% Visco elastic memory foam with cool gel Motion isolation to promote deep sleep Highly breathable with air cells Consistent supporting points and weight distribution Body heat dissipation Contouring and cooler sleeping surface Fabric Cover Features Eco-friendly bamboo fabric Removable and washable, easy to maintain hygiene Elastic bands keeping the topper in place Highly breathable material Dust mite and mould resistant Anti skid base Anti allergy Specifications Size: Queen Dimensions: 203cm x 153cm x 5cm Density: 30kg /m3 Cover: Bamboo fabric Elastic bands: Covers up to approx. 25cm thick mattress In the Package 1 x Memory Foam Mattress Topper, compressed Want a more comfortable mattress and sleep like a baby in it? A quality memory foam mattress topper from Mona Bedding would be an easy and affordable solution! Our large flat memory foam mattress topper provides palpable relief to your pressure joints no matter how you sleep, a cooler sleeping surface and not least, individual contouring of your body shape thanks to the memory foam. The motion isolation is also another major benefit from using a memory foam mattress topper, so that you can rest undisturbed, go into deep sleep and feel comfortable throughout the night. Mona Bedding's memory foam topper also helps to even out body weight distribution on a consistent flat surface and eliminate motion disturbance. The topper is made with air cells throughout to enhance air circulation, its highly breathable feature is designed to dissipate body heat, keep your sleep comfortable without excess heat. Eco-friendly in every way with its highly breathable bamboo fabric cover. If you are looking to release pressure points off your body as you sleep, you cannot miss out on Mona Bedding's cool gel infused mattress topper.
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