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  9. Taily 160CM Large Bird Cage Stand-Alone Aviary Budgie Perch Castor Wheels Large Removable Tray Black
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Taily 160CM Large Bird Cage Stand-Alone Aviary Budgie Perch Castor Wheels Large Removable Tray Black

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Features  Powder-coated Strong steel frame Front door entrance Plastic feeders Wooden perch Slide bottom tray Detachable design Stand alone  Specifications Finish material: Steel Feeders material: Plastic Door size: 35cm x 56cm Bar spacing: 1.27cm Bar thickness: 0.3cm Vertical bar thickness: 0.2cm Dimensions: 93cm x 57cm x 160cm Colour: Black In the Package 1 x Birdcage with accessories 1 x Instruction manual Description Taily's bird cage provides ample space for your birds to have fun and rest. Make up a comfortable and spacious home for your feathered friends. The birdcage is finished in a powder-coated and strong frame, durable and reliable for long-term use for your lovely feathered pets. The suitable bar spacing of the cage, so you don't need to worry your bird gets its head throughout the bar, or a wing or foot gets stuck. It also sets suitable door entrances that birds can freely enter and exit without any blocking. Our cabins safe door design makes you lock and open the door easily and will safely secure your feathered pets in the cage, won't fly out by accident, and keep them safe from danger.  And caster wheels are convenient to move the cage, you can move the bird aviary indoors or outdoor where you can keep playing with the feathered pets by your side at any time. The removable bottom bird cage tray is easy to slide out which is making cleaning easier and makes birds stay in comfortable circumstances. As well as comes with plastic feeders and wooden birds which help you set up your bird travel cage. Ample space allows the birds to freely fly in the small animals cage which is helpful for keeping birds active and happy, having fun in the bird feeder cage. Choose the Taily aviary cage that makes your current feathered pets happy and live in a sweet house.
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