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  9. Pet Basic® 100 Pack Puppy Dog Training Pads Large 60cm x 60cm Super Absorbent

Pet Basic® 100 Pack Puppy Dog Training Pads Large 60cm x 60cm Super Absorbent

Save $41.95
Pet Basic® Keep your dog's private business from becoming a public mess with our Pet Basic Original Puppy Training Pads. Pet Basic Original provides triple ultra-absorbent layers of protection that is perfect for your precious pets. Features pet attractant which makes potty training easy. Has quilted fibres that draw in moisture quickly. Includes a leakproof liner with sealed edges that help prevent runoff on floors and increase leak protection. Hygienic and antibacterial properties to reduce bacteria and the spread of germs and reduce urine odours. These training pads are safe, effective and easy to use to maintain a fresh and clean home for the pet owners and their pets. Protects floors and carpets with its triple-layer and a waterproof base. Pet Basic Original training pads provide a perfect indoor toilet solution for your pet. Suitable for Dogs Pet Attractant Indoor Toilet Solution Size: 60cm x 60cm Qty: Bulk 100 Pads Pet Training Directions for Use: Place pad on the floor with tissue side up in an area away from pets bedding or food. Place your pet on the pad to get it accustomed to it. Reward your pet if it relieves itself on the pad. If your pet relieves itself elsewhere, immediately bring it back to the pad. Continue this process. Once your pet is trained indoors, follow the same process to train your pet in an outdoor environment. Dispose of properly.
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