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Outstanding Opus Sensory Rattle & Teether

in Toys sold by Toymate
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Meet Outstanding Opus - the multi-sensory teether toy and rattle from Baby Einstein that features a bubble-pop with rattle beads, bright and high-contrast colours, and 8 teethable textures for baby to explore! This teething ring keeps baby engaged and curious while they get teething relief from the rainbow-colored textures. It features Opus, a popular octopus character from Baby Einstein's YouTube series and books. The bubble-pop activity is fun for baby to interact with and introduces them to cause-and-effect concepts. The baby rattle includes a handle that is easy to grasp, even for the little hands. If you're looking for a baby toy as part of a baby shower or holiday gift, this is a great choice. Since it soothes baby's gums, they'll want to take it with them wherever they go. It's hand washable and made with BPA-free materials. Appropriate for children ages 3 months and up. Multi-sensory teether - Promotes sight, sound, and touch engagement with brightly coloured rattle beds, and 8 touchable and teethable textures. Sparks curiosity - There's plenty here to keep baby curious and engaged while they get some soothing relief for their sore gums. Introduces cause and effect - The bubble-pop over the Opus the Octopus character is fun for baby to press and helps them begin to understand cause and effect. Made for little hands - The black-and-white handle is easy for baby to grip, so they can take their favourite teether with them on the go. Safe & easy to clean - Made with BPA-free materials that wipe clean. Chillable and suitable for teething and soothing sore gums. Appropriate for children ages 3 months and up.
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