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Simba Toys - ABC Rubber Duck

Simba Toys - ABC Rubber Duck

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Description and specs
Simba Toys - ABC Rubber Duck The Simba Toys - ABC Rubber Duck is a classic bath time toy that is a must-have in every bathtub. This small, easy-to-hold duck is designed to swim and squirt water through its beak, adding a fun element to bath time. Simba Toys is known for creating age-appropriate products that encourage the natural curiosity of babies and small children. The ABC rubber duck is no exception. It supports early development and ensures initial learning objectives are achieved, shapes and structures are discovered, and coordination patterns are taught. Key Features Suitable for children aged 3 months and over Can swim and squirt water through its beak Small and easy to hold Encourages natural curiosity and supports early development Helps achieve initial learning objectives Teaches shapes, structures, and coordination patterns The Simba Toys - Abc Rubber Duck is a versatile and engaging toy that makes bath time more enjoyable for children while also supporting their early development.
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