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  9. Schleich - Clydesdale Mare Farm World Animal Figurine
Schleich - Clydesdale Mare  Farm World Animal Figurine

Schleich - Clydesdale Mare Farm World Animal Figurine

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Description and specs
Clydesdale Mare .Clydesdales are large, strong horses. Their characteristic features include their slightly curved noses, their long ears and their short necks. They have a friendly temperament and are industrious and versatile. Shoeing a Clydesdale can be very hard work for a farrier. Their horseshoes are not just extremely large, but also weigh over 2.5 kg. This means they weigh four to five times as much as the shoes of warmbloods or thoroughbreds. Although Clydesdales tend to be stocky and extremely heavy, they can move very elegantly. They are famous for their gait: they lift their beautiful white legs very high and with great force. For this reason, they arent just used as draught horses, but also for shows and street parades. Fun FactClydesdales have very big hoofs. Their horseshoes measure 5 cm from one end to the other. null
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