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Schleich - Ice Dragon
Schleich - Ice Dragon
Schleich - Ice Dragon
Schleich - Ice Dragon
Schleich - Ice Dragon
Schleich - Ice Dragon

Schleich - Ice Dragon

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Description and specs
Schleich - Ice Dragon The lizard skin of the Ice Dragon is blue, and its impressive wings shine silver. You can see the dragon flying over ELDRADOR® from afar. With its movable wings, it can perform acrobatic flying tricks: spread wide, it can sail elegantly and silently through the air. If the dragon tucks its wings close to its body, it can fly as fast as lightning, shooting towards its target. The Ice Dragon circles high above ELDRADOR®. Nothing that moves on the ground below can escape its beady and sharp gaze. Is danger lurking down there? The dragon does not hesitate: It folds its silver wings close to its body and plunges into the depths. The attacker on the ground won't know what hit it. As if from out of nowhere, the Ice Dragon appears, shaking its silver mane. It opens its beak to reveal a set of needle-sharp teeth. Threateningly, the dragon flexes its muscles and tears deep furrows in the ground with its claws. Together with its comrades-in-arms, Ice Monster and Snow Wolf, it's off to battle they go! (Figures sold separately.) Additional Information Discover the world through play with the authentic and detailed figures by schleich®. They look so real they may just start moving. schleich® products fire the imagination and guarantee an educational play experience full of adventure. This schleich® product belongs to the ELDRADOR® CREATURES theme world and is suitable for children between 7 and 12 years.
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