Ty - Beanie Babies - Bongo II - Monkey Small / Regular 20cm

Ty - Beanie Babies - Bongo II - Monkey Small / Regular 20cm

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Ty Beanie Babies – Bongo II - Small 20cm Bongo II is a soft, pale brown monkey with a beige face and beige hands and feet. He has black button eyes and black stitching for his nostrils. He has a pale brown tail. Limited release, already retired. Birthday - January 4th Poem - Bongo the monkey lives in a treeThe happiest monkey you’ll ever seeIn his spare time he plays the guitarOne of these days he will be a big star! Beanie Babies have been a household name since the mid-1990s but have come a long way from the original Beanie Baby dog, bear, and pig released in 1994 and the cat beanie baby and beanie baby bears also released around that time. All Ty Beanie Babies still come with a poem, birthday, and the iconic Ty heart Beanie Baby tag - but new Beanie Babies have an extra twinkle in their eye, a coy smile on their face, and super, silky, soft VelveTy fabric. Loved by children of all ages, even babies, Beanie gifts are fun and meaningful.
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