Ty - Beanie Boos Clip - Nina White Ballerina Mouse

Ty - Beanie Boos Clip - Nina White Ballerina Mouse

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Ty - Beanie Boos Clip -  Nina White Ballerina Mouse This little dressed up mouse is ready to dance around the house. Complete with pink sparkled tutu, she's ready to play and hug you-you. Nina is waiting to capture your heart, get her now so you'll never part. BIRTHDAY: September 22nd POEM: All day long I like to dance, in my pretty pink tutu - watch me prance!   Kids’ Ty clip-on animals are available in all of their favorite Beanie Boos and Beanie Babies characters. Each Ty clip-on animal comes in a small clip size with a plastic connector perfect for attaching the plush to all of your child’s belongings. 
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