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Majorette - Diecast Cars Premium Assorted

Majorette - Diecast Cars Premium Assorted

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Description and specs
Diecast Cars Premium Assorted About Majorette The cult brand from France has captivated car fans all over the world since 1964 The realistic and original licensed models of world famous car brands are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and feature a robust design. From cars, monster trucks, emergency and construction vehicles to racing cars Majorette offers an extensive collection of toy metal cars and matching car park sets with different themes. The small metal cars are ideal for children aged 3/5 or above and aspiring collectors of any age. Please note:   Each item is sold separately! This item or style is part of an assortment and multiple styles or colours are pictured.  1 unit only will be selected at random from the available assortment of Styles or Colours at time of dispatch.   
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