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  9. Revolt Q1 Pioneer Radio Control Boat
Revolt Q1 Pioneer Radio Control Boat
Revolt Q1 Pioneer Radio Control Boat
Revolt Q1 Pioneer Radio Control Boat
Revolt Q1 Pioneer Radio Control Boat

Revolt Q1 Pioneer Radio Control Boat

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Description and specs
Remote-controlled boat Syma Q1 Pioneer, which can go up to 25 kmh.Comes with 2.4 GHz equipment that allows you to control the boat up to 150m away.Has a streamlinedhull with a sharpened bow toovercome the resistance of the water surface. The canopy, under which the battery is located, is equipped with a locking mechanism with a foamsealaround the canopy opening, which prevents the hull from being flooded with water.Model is equipped with a powerful engine, thanks to which the boat can reach a speed of 25 kmh.The engine is jacketeds o that it can be cooled by water, which minimizes energy loss.A 2.4GHz radio frequency (2.4GHz) remote control is included, allowing you to remotely control your boat up to 150m without interference. Four AA batteries (not included) are required for power supply. Boat specifications Q1 Pioneer Communication: 2.4 GHz Number of channels: 2 Power to the boat: Li-Pol 7.4 V 1500 mAh Power to the equipment: 4x AA battery (not included) Battery charging time: 240 min Motor: electric, brush Maximum speed: 25 kmhSet contents Colour: white and red Dimensions: 437 x 122 x 117 mm 2.4 GHz, two-channel control apparatus Li-Pol 7.4 V 1500 mAh battery Operating instructions The boat has been equipped with a water cooling system and is completely floodproof:Boat time: 8 minRange: 150 mAge: 12+USB charger437 x 122 x 117 mm.
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