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Brookite Phantom Kite
Brookite Phantom Kite
Brookite Phantom Kite
Brookite Phantom Kite

Brookite Phantom Kite

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Description and specs
The Phantom Sport Kite is an ideal introduction to sport kite flying. A reactive and speedy dual line kite made from tough Spinnaker nylon with fibreglass spars and measuring 117 x 66cm. Recommended wind range 6 - 20 mph. Includes flying lines and handles. Recommended for age 10+. For over 100 years Brookite have been designing and manufacturing high quality kites and outdoor toys. Materials and technology have changed considerably over the years and the company has continued to produce state of the art toys whilst retaining the underlying value for money ethos. The range has expanded gradually from single line kites to dual line sport kites and power kites that are strictly for the extreme market. Get out into the fresh air and enjoy the ultimate in outdoor fun that won't break the bank.
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