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  9. Schleich - Braunview Cow Animal Figurine
Schleich - Braunview Cow Animal Figurine

Schleich - Braunview Cow Animal Figurine

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Description and specs
Braunvieh cows are a domestic cattle breed that originated in Switzerland. They have been reared in the Alpine region for many centuries. Braunvieh cattle normally have single-coloured brown or grey coats, beautifully intermingled with different shades, and a black muzzle ringed with lighter fur. Although they are very muscular, their appearance is refined and graceful. Fun Fact Braunvieh cows produce milk that is rich in protein. Dimensions 5.12 x 1.5 x 3.07 inch (W x D x H) Age Recommendation 3-8 yearsScientific facts Scientific name : Bos taurus Global Home : Worldwide Conservation Status : Least concern Primary habitat : Grassland
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