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  9. Schleich - German Riding Pony Mare Horse Figurine
Schleich - German Riding Pony Mare Horse Figurine

Schleich - German Riding Pony Mare Horse Figurine

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Description and specs
The German Riding Pony Mare from Schleich Horse Club has a beautiful chestnut coat. The braids in her mane are held together with cute, small ties. These are a special eye-catcher at tournaments. German Riding Ponies are very friendly animals that are specially bred for riding by children and youth. They look like little horses and are suitable for both dressage and show jumping.Fun Fact The German Riding Pony is a new pony breed that only originated in 1965. Dimensions 4,57 x 1,38 x 3,62 inch (W x D x H) Age Recommendation 5-12 years Schleich figurines are modelled in the finest detail to help children learn while they play. This item is part of the Horse Club theme world and is suitable for children aged 5-12.Scientific facts Scientific name : Equus ferus caballus Global Home : Worldwide Conservation Status : Least concern Primary habitat : Savanna, Grassland
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