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  9. Schleich - Moose Bull Animal Figurine
Schleich - Moose Bull Animal Figurine

Schleich - Moose Bull Animal Figurine

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Description and specs
The elk is Sweden’s national animal and is known for its impressive antlers. The elk is Sweden’s national animal and is known for its impressive antlers. However, only male elk have them. Elk bulls start growing the antlers at the age of two. They can reach a weight of up to 20 kg. The bulls shed them each year and grow a new set. Known as elk in Europe, moose are the largest of all the deer family. These large animals have elaborate forking antlers and long dark brown hair. They live in northern forests where alder, aspen, and willows abound. Moose are particularly well adapted to cold weather and prefer to live where summer temperatures don't get any hotter than sixty degrees. They eat newly grown leaves, as well as the tips of twigs. Their twelve sets of broad teeth at the rear of the mouth, six pairs of molars and six pairs of premolars, help them grind up even the toughest woody plants. Fun Fact: Moose's antlers fully grow within three to five months, making them one of the fastest growing organs in animals. Suits age 3 yrs+InformationProduct Code is 14781Theme ForestProduct Type FigurinesFranchise Wild Lifeis this item a choking hazard Noneconservatiostatus Least concernPrimary habitat Rocky Areas, Swamp ForestScientific name Alces alcesGlobal home Europe, Asia, North Africa, North AmericaFUN FACT : An elk bull’s beard can grow to a length of 25 cm.Suites Ages 3-8
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