Irrigation Kit Moisture Sensor

Irrigation Kit Moisture Sensor

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Description and specs
Make maintenance a breeze and keep leaves and debris out of your tank inlet with this mosquito-proof maintenance tray.The Maintenance Tray solves the challenge of cleaning fixed and difficult-to-reach tank inlet screens. It sits on top of these screens to become a second, removable screen with an easy-to-reach protruding handle. Simply lift it off, toss any leaves away, rinse and put it back. Too easy. The Maintenance Tray?s mosquito-proof 955 micron stainless steel mesh provides an added layer of protection against these tiny pests. For ?dry? Rain Harvesting systems without rain heads, it also plays an important role in preventing leaves from contaminating your rainwater. Maintenance Trays provide additional leaf filtering over the area where water directly enters your tank assisting with filtering leaves & debris.Maintenance trays with 955 micron mesh are legally required in some countries and regions (including many Australian states) to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your tank, ensuring a secure system. Maintenance Trays are installed in tank inlets to keep mosquitoes and other pests out but to allow water to pass through at full flow. Fully automatic watering system##No need for timers, batteries or electricity ##12 x Ceramic watering sensor cones, each with adjustable valve to control water flow##Each sensor works independently to cater to individual plant needs##Maintains the optimal soil moisture content for each growing area##Works with MAZE MINItanks, mains pressure (pressure reducer needed - sold separately) or water pumps (pressure reducer needed - sold separately)##Accessories available - Sold separately
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