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Manan Front / Rear Uni Universal Joint For TOYOTO HILUX LN106R LN167R LN172R

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Replace your universal joint with tools you have at home. Find a u joint at the end of your drive shaft and do a visual inspection to see if it needs replacing. Keep your u joints in working condition on your Hilux Landcruiser or Dyna. Don’t want your drive shaft falling off right? Vibration rattles or squeaking can come from failing u joints. Your drive shaft u joint fits into various Toyota Hilux Landcruiser or Dyna vehicles from the 80s to 00s. Check the image for the exact make and models. Get your mechanic to install it if you are not confident. If you got the tools replace the cardan joint yourself and save money. Start by getting under your Toyota and remove the bolts holding the drive shaft in place. Hopefully you know the rest. Top off the greaseable u-joint after you have installed it. Fill it with your grease gun till the grease pours out. Wipe it off the excess then you are good to drive. Always do a test drive to make sure everything is installed correctly. Key Features Universal joint for Toyota Hilux Landcruiser and Dyna vehicles Original parts standard Built-in grease channels Precision forged and built to last High rotation speed and low noise Wear corrosion and high temperature resistant SPECIFICATION:Material: Chrome steel Cap Type: Groove Inside Yoke: 52 mm Cap Diameter: 29 mm Diameter: 80mm x 80mm x 29mm (L x W x H) Colour: SilverPACKAGE CONTENT: 1 x Front Universal Joint 1 x Rear Universal Joint 4 x Snap Clips 1 x Grease Nipple
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