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Toque Digital Scales Electronic Kitchen Scale Accurate Fruit Food Weight 40KG

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An accurate and precise Digital Scale for all the sensitive weight calculations. Equipped with precisely calibrated sensors to sense even the most slightest and minimal change in weight. Can be used for personal and commercial use. A long-serving and reliable digital scale you can count on. Built with high-strength ABS body with stainless steel platform nothing says quality like it does. Meant for a long term and regular use. It can withstand a weight capacity of 3kg-40kg. Calculates and senses all the sensitive weight calculations perfectly. Very easy to clean with its detachable platform. The detachable platform is equipped with high-strength rubber for a stable fit it also ensures the calculations are done without any marginal error. The height of the digital scale can be adjusted easily with its adjustable feet. Choose a height you prefer to work on. Equipped with a state-of-the-art comprehensive display. It displays weight total price low power or AC power indicator. Ample memory storage it accommodates 99 accumulation memory and 8-unit process storage. The digital display is designed with a double-sided backlit LED display the user and customer can both make note of the digital readings. Comes equipped with a rechargeable battery with a standard AC plug. A long-lasting battery on a full charge the battery can last up to 140 hours of continuous use. A high capacity battery ensures your work is not interrupted. Use it in the vegetable market grocery store confectionery store and many more. A professional product for professional use. Key Features Precise and accurate weighing Stainless steel platform Double-sided LED display 99 Accumulation memory 8-Unit prices storage Customize height Rechargeable battery Low power consumption Note: Scales are calibrated required for all commercial purpose.SPECIFICATION:Platform material: Stainless steel Body material: ABS plastic Capacity: 5g - 40kg Division: 5g Precision: 1/3000F.S Voltage: 220V/50Hz Cable length: 1.5m Battery required: AC / Rechargeable battery Platform size: 32cn x 20cm Dimension: 34cm x 33cm x 11.3cm Colour: BlackPACKAGE CONTENT: 1x Digital Scale 1x Power Cable 1x Instruction Manual
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