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  9. Levede 2x 4 Tier Plant Stand Shelves Garden Steel Storage Shelf Steel Frame
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Levede 2x 4 Tier Plant Stand Shelves Garden Steel Storage Shelf Steel Frame

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Bring happiness to your home. Set up your metal plant stand outdoors on your balcony. Carefully arrange your plants. Water regularly. Buy some new pots and seeds. Raise up some fun seedlings. Grow your own herbs on your 4 tier plant stand. Coriander. Thai basil. Thyme. Oregano. Rosemary. Vietnamese mint. Pick fresh herbs from your pot plants and add them to your dinner. Organise your plants on your outdoor plant stand. Give all your pot plants lots of sun so they can thrive. Create a green and productive space. Sit outside and gaze on your flower pots. Find the perfect home for your pot stand. Load up all your plants. Leave it there for years to come. Don't worry about rust or insects destroying your tiered plant stand. Bring your luscious garden indoors or fit more plants outdoors. Get yourself some ferns succulents spider plants and more. Soon you will have more plants than you know what to do with on your flower pot stand. Key Features 4-tier design Use indoors and outdoors Perfect for greenhouses sheds and garages Durable steel frame Space saving Easy to build Note: Recommended wearing gloves for installation SPECIFICATION:Brand: Levede Material: Steel Dimensions: 90cm x 31cm x 106cm (W x D x H) Shelf spacing: 32cm Weight capacity (per shelf): 10kg Colour: Dark greenPACKAGE CONTENT: 2 x Levede 4 Tier Plant Stand
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