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Pawz Cat Kitten Claw Scratching Board Post Scratcher Corrugated Cardboard Toy

in Cats sold by Sello Products
Save $29.00
As the saying goes ‘happy scratch happy cat’. Let your feline friend stretch their muscles out and exercise their claws on your new cat scratch post. Get more than one to occupy your cat’s attention Give your cat a new cat scratcher to test their claws on. Your cat should love this even more than their current objects of attention. Use catnip to get them started on the scratcher. See how well the cardboard scratcher lasts against a furious cat. Protect your cat’s claws. The cardboard will break before your cat’s claws will. Keep a spare one in your cupboard. Cardboard is an environmentally choice for your cat’s scratcher. Don’t fret about your cat eating synthetic materials anymore. Perhaps the natural cardboard will remind your cat of the great outdoors. Your cat scratcher won’t last forever but it is durable and will keep the attention of your cat or kitten for a long long time. Watch as your cat gets to explore and enjoy their new toy. Key Features MDF frame High- strength corrugated cardboard Environmentally friendly sofa kitten bed PT1160 Protect your furniture from your cat’s claw Keep your kitty friend active and healthy Endless hours of fun SPECIFICATION:Brand: PaWz Material: Corrugated cardboard + MDF Dimensions (L x W x H): 55cm x 25cm x 25cm Colour: BrownPACKAGE CONTENT: 1 x PaWz Cat Scratching Board 1 x Installation Kit
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