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  9. Dreamz Quilt Doona Comforter Blanket Velvet Winter Warm King Bedding Grey 500GSM
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Dreamz Quilt Doona Comforter Blanket Velvet Winter Warm King Bedding Grey 500GSM

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Pull your quilt up tight. Snuggle down and sleep warm in winter. Feeling a bit chilly get yourself an additional quilt. Get the right amount of warmth all year round. Sleep deeply and comfortably under your polyester doona. Snuggle up and watch a movie. Save money without sacrificing quality. Get yourself a fluffy and breathable doona. You soon-to-be-new quilt has a heat retaining diamond stitching pattern. It is a touch stylish but that doesn’t really matter with a quilt cover over it. Washing a quilt cover is much easier than washing the quilt anyway. Clean your blanket on the cold gentle cycle in your washing machine. Remove the quilt cover and wash it by itself or only with whites. Dry it on the line or use your clothes dryer on low. We sleep for one-third of our lives. You might as well pick the right bedspread now. Cover yourself in snuggly warmth. Slide it back if you are getting too warm. You have the power in your hands. Key Features Ultra-soft High-density polyester filling Thermo-regulating Baffle box diamond stitching Machine washable SPECIFICATION:Brand: DreamZ Weight: 500GSM Cover: 200GSM Polyester Filling: 300GSM Polyester Dimensions (king): 240cm x 210cm Colour: GreyPACKAGE CONTENT: 1x DreamZ Velvet Comforter
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