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Battle In The Bed-Board Game

Battle In The Bed-Board Game

in Games sold by Sanity
In Bedroom Games you'll find 20 exciting and playful ways to spend the evening with your partner. Some of it will make you blush, some will make you love, and most of it will make you moan. With Bedroom Games you'll imagine yourself and your partner finding joy on a deserted island, lying together near the campfire in a dark forest, or trying to overcome shyness on a first date. It's up to you what you try to achieve with your partner. Will you play in a romantic way or wish for something more kinky? Bedroom Games will offer a great evening either way. What's in the box: 20 large cards, each containing rules for one game 2 dice; 52 playing cards; pencil; paper notepad; rulebook * Suitable for both a romantic and passionate night * Elegant and stylish box and artwork * Compact package * High replay value-each game is different * Great as a gift for various occasions
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