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Make smooth mash potatoes, natural baby food, purees, soups, lump free sauces and more with the Avanti® Rotary Food Mill. Ideal for pureeing and grating cooked vegetables and fruit to create small amounts of baby food, sauces or fancy toppings for a special meal, it is designed to give you the best possible result with minimum effort. Constructed from durable stainless steel this compact mill has three interchangeable fine, medium, and coarse disc blades and features two resting handles for stability. Easy to use, simply select and insert the disc blade required and attach the handle and blade plate, load food into the top of the mill and then turn the handle to create the desired effect.

  • Durable stainless steel
  • Separates skins and seeds for puree
  • Includes three interchangeable blade discs
  • Wide bowl/saucepan resting handles for stability
  • Easy to use – just put your ingredients inside and turn the handle
  • Also functions as a strainer
  • Mirror finish


  • Place selected disc in base of mill with coarse side facing downwards.
  • Place the handle and rotating plate unit into the bowl.
  • Secure rotating plate arm by pushing down and then up into the socket.
  • Place food in the mill and turn handle, this in turn will rotate the blade.
  • Wash thoroughly before first use
  • Clean disc with warm water and washing-up liquid. A soft washing-up brush may be helpful in removing food residue from discs.
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners and scourers when hand washing.
  • Wipe dry with a soft cloth
  • If the mill becomes soiled, put a few drops of biological washing powder in a bowl of hot water and leave the mill to stand overnight.
  • Wash and rinse well before each use.
  • Hand wash only.
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