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  7. Swissmar 3 Piece Mini Cheese Knife Block Set
Swissmar 3 Piece Mini Cheese Knife Block Set

Swissmar 3 Piece Mini Cheese Knife Block Set

Save $12.00
Description and specs

When putting together a cheese board to be served before or after dinner, remember to limit your selection to no more than five different cheeses. Serve cheeses of different sizes, shapes, and flavour or texture profiles to create diversity and add interest to your cheese board. Strong, pungent cheeses shouldn’t be placed next to delicately flavoured cheeses, and try to have individual knives for each cheese.

Product Features

  • Walnut stained rubberwood knife block with magnets to securely hold knives
  • Triangle base on knife block for added stability
  • Keep knives organized and easily accessible
  • Perfect for use with party/cheese trays
  • Cheese knives are dishwasher safe

Set Includes

  • Magnetic Knife Block
  • Cheese Wedge Knife
  • Cheese Knife
  • Serving Fork
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