Avanti Cotton Kitchen Twine 80 Metres   Pack Of 2

Avanti Cotton Kitchen Twine 80 Metres Pack Of 2

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Description and specs

The Avanti Cotton Kitchen Twine is a culinary must-have.  Durable and strong, it is designed for cooking and is what professional chefs like to use.  Food and oven-safe, it is perfect for binding rolled roasts and other meat preparations, trussing poultry, rotisserie cooking, tying herb bouquets and dozens of other cooking tasks.  Made from 100% cotton, it is un-bleached, natural and bio-degradable.

Versatile, it's also great to have on hand for many uses in the home including craft projects, bundling recycling and tying packages

  • 80 metres in length
  • Food and oven safe
  • 100% unbleached cotton
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Professional grade
  • Pack of 2
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