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Wiltshire Bar B 8 Piece Grill Set

Wiltshire Bar B 8 Piece Grill Set

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Description and specs
Burger flipping, sausage piercing, steak slicing BBQ tools ? We kid you not ! It't the Wiltshire Bar-B Grill Pack. Handy and simple, this multi-functional pack comes with a spatula that has a curved, serrated edge for superior cutting and slicing. The lightweight tongs easily grip any BBQ food. The hollows in the blade keep food from clinging. While the cool touch, comfortable handle protects your hands. All in one. Six ever sharp laser edge steak knives glide through your steak. Because half the fun at BBQ time, is having nice new toys to cook with. Set includes : 1 x Bar-B Tongs 1 x Bar-B Mate 6 x Laser Edge Steak Knives Gift boxed
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