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  9. Essentials Black Boston Shaker Set With A Free Bar Blade

Essentials Black Boston Shaker Set With A Free Bar Blade

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All the essentials tools for the home or professional barperson Pack Includes: 1 Boston Shaker The classic Boston Cocktail Shaker consisting of a tin and glass. The Stainless Steel tin is weighted allowing it to be used in flair bar-tending. Tin: 800ml (28oz) H 175mm Glass: 450ml (16oz) H 150 mm 30cm COCKTAIL/SODA SPOON The Red Knob Cocktail Spoon is the ideal tool for mixing all manner of cocktails. Its twisted stem design allows it to aid in the cocktail layering process and its length means it can reach into the bottom of most glasses. This extends its application to use in a varying array of drinks like milkshakes. Classic cocktail/soda mixing spoon Long twisted stem handle Easily identified with its red knob Perfect for layering drinks Long enough to mix drinks in larger glasses Dimensions: Width: 37mm length: 300mm diameter: 10mm 4 PRONG HAWTHORN STRAINER One of the most important stages in cocktail making, this Hawthorne Strainer allows you to strain your ingredients straight from the shaker to the glass. With 4 prongs, this strainer fits perfectly with a Boston Shaker Glass or other shaker, stopping chunks of ice and fruit from entering the glass. Polished Stainless Steel 4 Stabilising prongs Fits neatly onto a Boston Cocktail Shaker glass Metal spring to catch ice An essential bar tool Dimensions: Width: 115mm, length: 150mm, depth: 20mm FREE BAR BLADE Professional Speed Opener Stainless steel quality Dimensions: Width 40mm, Length 175mm, Thickness 2mm .
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