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Avanti Boil Alert Disc

Avanti Boil Alert Disc

Save $5.00
Prevent liquids from boiling over with the simple and effective Avanti Boil Alert. Suitable for use with all liquids, including milk, cream, sauces and water, this unique aid warns you when liquid starts boil in a saucepan, letting you know it’s time to reduce the heat or remove from the heat source. Made of durable, food safe stainless steel, it won’t corrode after repeated use and is dishwasher safe. Easy to use, simply place the disc in the bottom of a saucepan, (it does not matter which way up) and the boil alert will rattle once the water reaches boiling point. BPA Free Durable stainless steel Rattles to alert you when liquid reaches boiling point Dishwasher safe
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