Joie Mcs Burger Stuffer

Joie Mcs Burger Stuffer

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Description and specs

Joie's Burger Press forms perfectly round hamburger patties quickly and easily. Convenient markings inside the base clearly indicate the meat depth for making quarter-pound, third-pound, and half-pound patties. The plunger lid presses uniform patties to pan fry or BBQ evenly and fit perfectly on burger buns. Simply add meat to the desired marking in the Burger Press base. Firmly press the plunger to form the patty. Remove excess meat or add more to adjust the patty size. Raise the lifter handle to remove patties from the base. It's ideal for all grillaholics, carnivores, paleos, vegetarians, and vegans.

  • Easily form beef, chicken, turkey, sausage, and salmon patties, crab cakes, zucchini, broccoli cheese, and other veggie burgers, quinoa or black bean patties, hash brown patties, and more
  • Made from BPA-free plastic
  • Approx. diameter 11cm
  • Joie's Burger Press is compact for easy storage and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
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