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Aquarium Blue White LED - 33W 120-140cm

Save $49.10
This Dynamic Power aquarium White / Blue LED light is an amazing product that will for sure brighten up your aquarium! There is 2 setting on the aquarium LED. The first setting White and Blue all on. The White LED has a colour temperature of 8000K so its colour is as close as possible to the natural sunlight, which gives your fish tank an absolutely amazing and natural look. Together with the Blue LED has a colour Spectrum with 460nM, helps bring out the iridescence and blue/purple colours in your fish. The second setting is Just the Blue LED on: We called the Moonlight Setting. The blue lights not only mimic moonlight and, thus, encourage more physical activity, but these also provide them with illumination. You can also completely switch off the LED light, it's best to turn off your aquarium lights at night to mimic plants and fish natural light cycle. Super energy efficient aquarium LED and these lights will not increase the water temperature in the aquarium yet will continue to provide light for your fish. The strong and light-weight aluminium housing will also help heat evaporation. The Dynamic Power Aquarium LED series is Australian standard approved, buy with confidence and safety!
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