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24cm Frypan - WHITE

Save $120.00
Jiniart Frypan takes responsibility for your healthy cooking. With the latest Nordic technology from Northern Europe, you can cook healthy with less oil. Nevertheless, its sophisticated design and colour refine your kitchen room and make you enjoy cooking day by day. ERGONOMIC SILICON FINISHED HANDLE - The pan is specially designed with soft silicon finished handle that is nice to grip for easy cooking. The pan is optimal for day-to-day cooking. This handle makes you feel it is so light. NON-TOXIC AND INDUCTION COMPATIBLE - Nontoxic eco-friendly ceramic coating that is PFOA and PTFE free for healthy cooking. The frying pan is made with a flat bottom which allows it to be placed evenly over the heat source and is suitable for use on most stovetops including induction, gas, halogen, ceramic glass, etc; Dishwasher safe. HEAT QUICKLY AND EVENLY - Made of pure and thick gauge aluminium that provides even/quick heat conduction. Flat, wide, and thick bottom for a large cooking surface that is multipurpose and keeps the temperature. USER'S GUIDE: Start from low or medium heat Do not recommend using sharp kitchen tools made with stainless steel Do not recommend cooking sticky honey, caramelized sugar Do not recommend empty pan on the heat resource Use oil when cooking Non-stick performance can be degraded when continue to cook without oil Recommend utensil: nylon, wood, silicone Warranty: Included when the connection studs are separated from the body or when the handle is partially broken due to manufacturing defects, a compatible product handle/stud will be given for fixing if the original part is unavailable. Exclusion: The warranty does not apply to the pan coating. Negligence/ firepower misuse.
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