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Westinghouse 60cm Gas Cooktop WHG648SC

in Cooktops sold by Powerland
The WHG648SC is a 60cm Gas Cooktop from Westinghouse that comes with a high powered, intense 17 MJ/h wok burner, dual valve flame control and cast iron trivets. Bring out the flavour with high heat Use high heat to lock in the flavor of your dishes. With durable brass caps and 17 MJ/h you can bring your wok to high heat with even flame distribution. Spice up your cooking and spice up your life. Boil to simmer in an instant For precision control cooking all your favourite recipes, our smart Dual Valve flame control lets you go from boil to simmer in an instant. Family safety first Our cast iron trivets flat design ensure the base of your pots and pans are fully supported, allowing you to have a safe and stable cooking environment. Easy to Clean Spend more time cooking and less time cleaning. Our flat surface gives foods and spills nowhere to hide, making cleaning a breeze. Flame out. Gas off. In the kitchen, it should always be safety first. If the cooktop flame unexpectedly goes out, our Flame Failure Device will automatically shut down the gas supply so you and your family can breathe easy.
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