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Kedem Pure Grape Juice 2.84L

For over 65 years, Kedem Grape Juice has been produced with the finest Concord grapes. Kedem Grape Juice is naturally rich in antioxidants that may help prevent heart disease and improve overall health. One glass of Kedem Grape Juice provides more than twice the antioxidants than a glass of orange, grapefruit, tomato, or apple juice. And...it tastes so good. Product of United States of America The iconic grape juice the kosher consumer has come to rely on. 100% pure grape juice (also contains Juice from concentrate) in a 96 oz bottle - bulk size is perfect for parties, affairs, family meals, simchos and more! A healthy, enjoyable, and refreshing drink. Naturally rich in antioxidants, No sugar, coloring, or flavoring added. Certified kosher for passover and all year round Ingredients: Grape Juice, (Sweetened With Grape Juice Concentrate), Potassium Metabisulfite Added To Enhance Freshness.
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