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i.Pet Bird Cage Aviary 88CM Small

Save $41.04
Pet Birdcage Black 88cmOur High quality wrought iron birdcage features perches, feeders and ample room fo your bird to spread their wings. The bird cage is built to last and is ideal for any bird.Features * High quality & durable wrought iron * Non toxic & safe powder coated finish * Slide out removable bottom tray * Top handle for easy carrying * Lift up gates * Large front entrance * Optional small door for accessing nesting/ breeding box * Ideal for small to medium size birds * Fitted with 4 wooden perches * Easy to assemble * Material: Powder coated wrought iron * Accessories: 2 x perches & 4 x feeder cup * Colour: Black * Overall Dimensions: 47(L) x 36(W) x 88(H)cm * Weight: 3.6kg* Bar spacing:1.0cmPackage Contents 1 x Bird cage 1 x Assembly Guide
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