Metal Detector LED Searching Gold Digger Deep Sensitive Waterproof 160MM

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LCD Screen Metal Detector with Headphones BlackGreat for combing beaches, forest, parks or even your backyard, the Metal Detector features two detection modes that distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals like silver and gold. It operates at a very low frequency and a sensitivity level of up to 160mm. It also features a target indicator for more precise finding. Not least, an easy-to-read LED meter relays all the useful data to help with your detection. The search coil is waterproof to allow underwater detection and the shaft can be adjusted to suit your height preference. A handy armrest and anti-slip handgrip provide prolonged comfort while the included headphone helps to assist you aurally in your discovery trails.Note: The effective length range of this product is 99-116cm. Beware of models in the market that falsely claim beyond this range.Features * Two detection modes * Waterproof search coil * Adjustable sensitivity * LED meter * Auto balance * Adjustable volume * Adjustable shaft * Extendable stem * Target indication * Headphone includedSpecifications * Frequency: 6.5kHz approx. * Maximum sensitivity: 160mm * Diameter of search coil: 190mm * Adjustable length: 99 - 116cm * Required battery: 1 x 9V (not included) * Net weight: 0.86kg * Colour: BlackPackage Content 1 x LED Metal Detector 1 x 1/8" Headphone 1 x User Manual
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