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Giselle Bedding KING Bamboo Fibre Pillowtop Mattress Topper 1000GSM Cover K

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So why do you need a mattress topper? Well, if you find that your old or new mattress is not doing a great job in providing firmness and support, then a mattress topper is the way to go. Just add it on top of your mattress and youll feel a whole lot better and more comfortable. But dont just use any topper. Get yourself a premium quality bamboo mattress topper from us.Featuring 1000gsm bamboo polyester blend fibre filling housed in a microfiber polyester fabric cover, our 5cm thick topper is overly generous with softness and comfort. The topper actually comprises several pockets that are neatly sewn together to ensure that the filling does not spread and go lumpy. Plus, the fully-fitted45cm elastic skirt around the topper also ensures that the topper stays in place at all times.Sleep can be disturbing if youre allergic to dust and mite. The good news is that our topper is able to keep those and other bacteria in check with its anti-bacterial, anti-allergy and dust mite resistant properties.So, the next question is: when will you get a mattress topper? We believe now is as good as any time to get our premium bamboo mattress topper. After all, you should begin to enjoy luxurious rest and comfort without losing any more precious sleep.Features 1000GSM Bamboo Ball Fibre 5cm Thick Fully fitted 45cm elastic skirt Sewn pockets to prevent microfibre filling from spreading and going lumpy Allows even distribution of weight Highly breathable Anti bacterial & allergy Dust mite resistant Hygiene vacuum packaging Machine washable Specifications: King: 203 x 183 x 5cm Cover: Microfibre & Polyester Filling: 100% Bamboo Polyester Blend Fibre Package Content Mattress Topper x1 Non-Woven Storage Bag x1
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