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AMIRO R3 Turbo Skin Care Pack

AMIRO R3 Turbo Skin Care Pack

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Description and specs

AMIRO Skin Care Pack for R3 Turbo

  • Advanced Technologies
    Unleash the awe-inspiring power of the upgraded R3 Turbo. Elevating the power from 8W to an astonishing 15W, it ensures unparalleled effectiveness. The advanced technology guarantees even and dense coverage of the collagen layer, eliminating any signs of facial imperfections.
  • Patented Smooth RF Head
    Our device features a smooth, flat head that effortlessly glides across your skin, covering every facial detail with ease. After use, a gentle wipe is all it takes to leave your device clean and hygienic, without any residue. Experience the perfect blend of convenience, effectiveness, and cleanliness.
  • Temperature Control
    Experience safe and gentle skin tightening with confidence. Our advanced temperature control system maintains an optimal temperature of no higher than 42 for your skin, monitoring 200 times per second. With precision and safety as our priority, embrace the perfect balance of effectivenss and protection.
  • Ergonomic Body
    Features 60o triangular design with anti-slip surface ensures a secure grip.
  • Smart Indication
    Effortlessly follow the intuitive vibrations for a mind-free skincare routine.
  • Wireless Design
    Say goodbye to tangled wires, allowing skincare therapy sessions anytime, anywhere.
  • Sustainable
    Crafted with sustainable materials, guaranteeing durability and minimizing the need for replacement parts.
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