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Dji Care Refresh 1-Year Plan for Mini 4 Pro

Dji Care Refresh 1-Year Plan for Mini 4 Pro

Description and specs

DJI Care Refresh 1-Year Plan for Mini 4 Pro

  • All Inclusive Repairs
    DJI Care Refresh coverage offers up to two replacement credits in one year, including one drone flyaway claim. The service covers all accidental damage caused by collision, water and more. You can make a Care Refresh claim for the small excess fees listed below.
    Replacement fee: $99 AUD
    Flyaway fee: $345
  • DJI Flyaway Coverage
    DJI Flyaway covers the rare scenario of your drone being unretrievable after going missing during flight, providing you with a replacement drone. You can make one Flyaway claim in exchange for one replacement credit. (Please note: DJI Flyaway coverage is bound to your DJI account and drone's remote controller via the DJI Fly app. Binding your drone, controller and DJI account is required to claim DJI Flyaway.)
  • Full Coverage, Hassle Free
    DJI will replace your product if an accident occurs. Whether it's from water damage, collision, or any other reason. The replacement units that are provided are brand-new products or equivalent to brand-new products in performance and reliability.
  • Speedy Turnaround
    DJI Care has exclusive technical service channels to provide support, including online chat and call support. Your requests will be transferred to DJI Care service channels to provide you with express replacement. When an accident occurs involving your aircraft, you can choose replacement or repair at an additional cost and the DJI Service Centre will respond to your request accordingly.
Delivery and returns
FREE SHIPPING nationwide. Use code SALE05-MOB for an additional 5% off at checkout.

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