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  9. White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%
White Duck Down Quilt 85%

White Duck Down Quilt 85%

Don't Pay $459.95 
Save $190.00
Description and specs

All Year Warmth and Comfort

Spend every night swaddled comfortably in a high-loft quilt made with premium, natural materials. Made with at least 85% white duck down, this lavish quilt is filled with lightweight, cloudlike down clusters. Duck down and duck feathers are extremely eco-friendly and biodegradable and tucked beautifully in a 500 thread count cotton sateen cover. Each duck down quilt is ultra-breathable and designed to wick away sweat and moisture from your skin preventing overheating at night.

Sizing Dimension

Double bed - 180 x 210cm

Queen Bed - 210 x 210cm

King Bed - 245 x 210cm

Super King Bed - 270 x 240cm

Please Note, Quilts are typically made slightly smaller than the Australian standard quilt cover sizing (as above) for ease of use.

Filling Weight Per Size

Double Bed 1050g

Queen Bed 1200g

King Bed 1400g

Super King Bed 1800g

Why Youll Love 85% Duck Down Quilts

Breathable Material

Though 85% Duck Down is one of the heavier duck down blends, the material is lightweight compared to Goose Down or synthetic fibers.

Excellent Natural Insulation

Ideal for all seasons, the Duck Down 85% Quilt has a warmth rating of up to 4.5 blankets!

Large Down Clusters

Down clusters expand or loft to fill up space and trap tiny pockets of air within their filaments. This creates insulation pockets that give the quilts their warmth. The more down clusters within the quilt, the great the capacity for loft and the warmer the quilt can be.

What Percentage Should I Buy?

The following percentages are ranked in order of ascending warmth to weight ratio and loft properties.

  1. White Duck Down 50% (All season, lightweight warmth)

  2. White Duck Down: 85% (Moderate warmth)

  3. White Goose Down: 85% (Warmest)

Fiber Comparison

Duck down is lighter than Goose Down and provides mid-level warmth as compared to heavier Goose Down.

Construction Matters

We recommend baffled walled cassette construction for even distribution of warmth to give you premium sleeping comfort. Inferior down quilts dont prevent the down or feathers from shifting around overnight. Unfortunately, this leads to uneven warmth and discomfort. Our quilts are manufactured with only the highest standards in mind to ensure years of even, well-regulated comfort. 

Enjoy 5 Star Hotel luxury comfort at home

Super-Light Weight great for people which have problems with handling conventional quilts which can be up to 4kg


Not sure what size to buy

Got a Single Bed Mattress Stick to Single quilt where possible

Depending on height of mattress and where you are using a mattress topper, a Single bed would be sufficient, but in some cases a double quilt would be required

Got a King Single Bed Mattress Double Quilt Doona offers the best coverage

A Double bed quilt would be the only choice, as manufactures dont manufacture a king single tailored quilt. But the double does fit on nicely and offers a nice size quilt for sleeping

Got a Double Bed Mattress Upsize to Queen Quilt Doona

A Double quilt on a Double bed is sufficient where the mattress is slow and only one occupant is sleeping on the bed, otherwise a queen quilt would offer better coverage for a more optimal sleeping comfort. Note the queen is only wider than the double, but the length remains the same.

Got a Queen Bed Mattress Upsize to King Quilt Doona

A Queen quilt is normally sufficient for standard queen size height mattresses upto 30cm, but today most new mattresses are fitted with extra layers such as memory foam and therefore, to achieve a nice look you need to upsize to a king size quilt doona. Note, the king quilt is only wider, the length will remain the same.

Got a King Bed Mattress - Why not upsize to Super King Quilt Doona

If you have a high mattress and find the quilt feels small, we have a super king quilt doona available, just few things why upsizing note, that when upsizing from King to Super King. Both the width and length of the quilt are larger by 30cm (or approx. 15cm each side). That 15cm on each side is normally sufficient to achieve that optimal look.

Got a Super King Bed Mattress Limited to Super King Quilt

An easy decision, just note, when choosing a doona, given the size of the quilt, id normally avoid heavy quilts if you have problem with weight as it tends to become a lot heaver. Thats why down quilts or mid filing quilts tend to be popular with super king. Given the larger size, the air pockets become trapped as there is no cold spots coming in, therefore, you dont need a heavy quilt (eg. 600gsm wool doona) unless you prefer that extra weight.



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