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  9. Ritz Embroidered King Size Pillowcase -1000 TC MOCHA
Ritz Embroidered King Size Pillowcase -1000 TC MOCHA

Ritz Embroidered King Size Pillowcase -1000 TC MOCHA

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Description and specs


  • The top of the range 100% high grade cotton is luxuriously soft and smooth yet durable

  • Perfect complement to our matching 100 thread count quilt cover set and sheet set

  • 50cm x 90cm


Why Hoteluxe 1000 Thread Count Bed Sheets

The mix which creates a high-quality sheet

  • Fibre:

    • Longer fibre is ideal, because when you spin the yarn, it gives it strength, which means less pilling.

    • Cheap sheets, use poor quality fibre which translates into poor yarn and no strength/quality


  • Weave: A quality weave,
    • depends on the type of sheet, most people generally prefer the sateen weave. All it means that the technique used offers customers are more sateen look which gives it that more luxurious look.


  • Finish is everything:

    • Cheaper sheets are associated with uneven, or poor quality stitching. I can guarantee you there is a huge difference on where the sheets are manufactured and by which manufacturer. We only source sheeting from respected world leading manufactures in China, which are currently make sheets for the worlds biggest sheeting brands.


  • Numbers are not what they mean

    • Even if a sheet has a high thread count, that can be inflated by manipulating the sheet making process with a low-quality construction or thread. Always buy from reputable retailers, the old saying goes, if its too good to be true it always is
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