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RFID Blocking Passport Sleeve Holder

RFID SECURE Technology to protect your information Slim enough to fit into wallets, handbags, travel bags and smartphone cases Enduring resistant material to stand tears and punctures These RFID Card Defenders conform to international standards and block unwanted scanning of your cards. Made from water and tear resistant material. It protects credit cards, debit/ATM cards, drivers licenses and other smart cards. Lightweight sleeves protect chip readers and barcodes. RFID sleeves protect your identity and personal information from being stolen by hackers or thieves, while out in public. Electromagnetic shields block the signal from high tech pickpockets & unauthorized scanning devices. Designed to fit in most standard wallets without added bulk. Made from ultra-lightweight and durable water-resistant material to withstand everyday wear and tear. Simply place your personal cards or IDs into the RFID sleeves and you are protected! Perfect for everyday use, travel, public places, or anywhere thieves are.Identify theft is a very common problem and costs a lot of time and money. Don't go through the hassle of canceling credits cards and having to recover your identity
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