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Wonder Cheese Knife Set of 2

The 2pc Wonder Cheese Knife set makes a great addition to your entertaining board! Tired of struggling with dull knives that barely even work? Introducing the Wonder Cheese Knife set, the perfect companion to our best-selling Wonder Cook's knife. These versatile knives are designed to handle cheeses, fruits and smallgoods and are guaranteed to stay razor sharp for life! The secret is the aerodynamic design that creates less friction when you cut, so the cheese doesn't stick. The Wonder cheese knife set is so universal and easy to use. Use the "fork" tipped knife to skewer olives and capers. This shape is also perfect for soft cheeses such as brie & camembert. The more traditional shaped knife is perfect for hard & semi-hard cheeses such as cheddar, Comte & gouda as well as slicing through a salami. Super tough and sharp, the Wonder cheese knives are made of laser-cut forged stainless steel. The Wonder knife's trademark blade holes give it 60% less surface area than an ordinary knife which eliminates "food drag". The Wonder cheese knives are light as air and easy to handle. The Wonder cheese knife has a fine serrated 15cm stainless steel blade which makes it perfect for large blocks of cheddar or a whole camembert round. The Wonder cheese knife "fork" has an angle-grind 15cm stainless steel blade. How should I clean my Wonder cheese knives? Specifications: Material: stainless steel + ABS Size: 26 x 5 cm / 25 x 4 cm Care Instructions: We recommend that you wash and dry the Wonder bread knife immediately after use. Prolonged exposure to acidic substances (i.e. tomato and lemon) can damage even the most high quality knives over time. While you can clean your Wonder Knife in the dishwasher, we recommend that you hand wash and dry this product in order to prevent banging damage to the blade, and to retain the lustre of the product for its full life.
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